Smart environment

Groundwater quality monitoring solution

Program overview
Once the groundwater environment has been contaminated, the regulation of the groundwater environment is complex, long-term and arduous. Therefore, the early warning of groundwater quality is particularly important; simply using traditional manual monitoring methods cannot achieve timely and accurate reflection of changes in water quality, thus increasing the difficulty of water pollution control.
In response to the above situation, Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed an online automatic water quality monitoring system, which can be applied to the monitoring and early warning of the groundwater environment so as to achieve effective control of the groundwater environment.
Scheme composition
The groundwater quality online monitoring system is a complex composed of automatic online monitoring instruments, electrical automation systems, industrial control, construction engineering, etc. It is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system having online automatic analytical instruments as the core, and using modern sensor technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology and related special analysis software and communication network.
Scheme features
Its design is advanced scientifically;
The system is safe, environmentally friendly, stable and reliable;
Reagent consumption is less and operating cost is low;
The application range is wide and the degree of commercialization is high;
With modular design, the system has a high degree of integration;
National standard methods employed, with high accuracy and stability of data
Full range of monitoring parameters (five conventional parameters, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, permanganate index), with factors expandable on demand
Industry application