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Integrated monitoring solution for ultra-low emission in cement industry

Program overview
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued the Opinions on the Implementation of the "Six -Protection" Tasks under the Premise of Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control, and Resolutely Winning the Battle of Pollution Prevention and Control (HT [2020] No. 27). The Opinions pointed out that the requirements for ultra-low emissions of cement shall be clearly put forward; for areas with large production capacity in the building materials industry, research and development of the transformation of cement, ceramics and other industries shall be tailored to local conditions for ultra-low emissions; comprehensive consideration shall be given to the special characteristics of the cement industry, and a comprehensive solution of ultra-low emission transformation of the existing cement industry shall be proposed.
Scheme composition
With the rapid development of the national economy and the implementation of the state's energy saving and emission reduction policies, the cement industry is facing the development opportunities but also the challenges of industrial technology upgrading. Through online monitoring of the flue gas composition in the cement production process, it shall be possible to monitor and control the various reaction processes in the process in real time, providing an effective guarantee for the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of pollution emissions. This solution is mainly divided into management and monitoring of organized emission and management and monitoring of fugitive emission.
Scheme features
1. In response to the policy requirements, the monitoring will be divided into two types: fugitive emission and organized emission, with specific configuration in detail to be described, respectively.
2. Platform software will be specifically developed for the cement industry, collecting online monitoring data of organized and fugitive emissions, and analyzing the same.
3. Rich means of monitoring and warning can enable notification of "out of limits" found in monitoring and equipment failures;
4. A complete data interface will be provided to ensure the expandability of the platform.
5. Data analysis will be diversified to provide effective regulatory means for consumers.
Industry application
Major cement plants