Smart environment

Integrated solution for online monitoring of urban fugitive dust

Program overview
The urban fugitive dust online monitoring system is designed for monitoring and enforcement against the dust environment in urban construction, roads, stockpiles, pipeline construction and demolition work, etc. This solution utilizes the remote monitoring and management abilities of the fugitive dust online monitoring platform as a whole to achieve comprehensive informatization of fugitive dust supervision, providing a digital means of supervision for joint enforcement by environmental protection, urban construction, traffic and other regulatory authorities so as to meet relevant joint enforcement requirements.
Scheme composition
Considering the distribution of fugitive dust-producing points such as construction sites, roads and stockpiles, the front-end equipment is arranged according to the Technical Specification for the Deployment of Gridded Monitoring Points for Air Pollution Prevention and Control. Through the use of advanced technology platforms such as IoT sensing, data wireless communication, GIS, database and video, integrating data collection, transmission, multi-dimensional data display and application, this solution shows the pollution situation on site in multiple dimensions and achieve dynamic site monitoring.
Scheme features
Dynamic online supervision: an urban fugitive dust online monitoring system will be established to bring geographical and time-domain discrete construction sites, demolition sites, emission enterprises and stockpiles under dynamic supervision, achieving real-time and effective supervision.
Digital automatic supervision: advanced online monitoring technology is employed to comprehensively monitor the pollution of fugitive dust 24-hour around the clock and automatically upload it to the monitoring center. Any "out of limits" data is automatically sent to relevant personnel via SMS.
Multi-dimensional information-based supervision: online monitoring of fugitive dust and meteorological data, conducting comprehensive analysis with multi-dimensional data such as alarm pictures and real-time video images, and providing multi-dimensional supporting evidence for environmental monitoring and law enforcement.
Industry application
Zhuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau fugitive dust online monitoring system project