Product overview
The device is suitable for helium recovery after helium filling and leak detection of designated workpieces, which makes helium recycled and reduces the use-cost. It is operated by touch screen and controlled by PLC, which is safe, stable and reliable.
Performance characteristics
1. It can be customized for different configurations according to requirements;
2. It adopts cabinet structure and has good integrity;
3. High-end configuration, standardized design and production, and stable and reliable performance;
4. The recovery rate is up to 98%;
5. The system has automatic helium supplement function, which can ensure the concentration of helium filled into the workpiece;
6. It can display the whole working process and parameters in real time.
7. The helium purification system (optional) can be selected to further improve the utilization rate of helium and reduce the production and detection cost.
Industry application
It is used with helium detection equipment and sniffing detection equipment