Oil/water pump solutions

Program overview
As a common power unit in industrial pipelines, oil and water pumps are also highly concerned about leakage indicators. Leakage may directly bring about a series of serious consequences, e.g. pollution and economic loss. Moreover, the common electronic units on oil and water pumps are not suitable for water immersion detection. So, air tightness detection, as a non-destructive testing method, has been widely accepted by customers.
Scheme composition
Air tightness leak detector, test bench, industrial computer, barcode scanning equipment, testing tooling, etc.
Scheme features
After the part number of the product is entered via the barcode scanning device, and the detection system enters the air tightness inspection link, which is seamlessly connected with the quality control process. The test results are uploaded to the MES system via the industrial control computer. So, the data is well preserved and the product quality control can be effectively realized.
Industry application
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