Button cell automatic testing

Program overview
This equipment is suitable for testing the air tightness of cylindrical steel-cased lithium battery products (hereinafter referred to as batteries). The whole stack of pallets with batteries shall be manually put into the loading area, then the individual pallets will be conveyed to the helium compression station and put into the helium compression box for helium compression; then the mechanical arm will grab the pallets and put them into the helium compression station; the batteries after helium compression will flow to the testing station after blowing and resting; after scanning the QR codes of the battery cells, they are loaded into the vacuum chamber for gas tightness testing of helium mass spectrometer; after VOC testing, the inspected batteries will be determined to be qualified or NG; the qualified workpieces will put back into the material box, and the material box will flow out with the line. Specific NG materials shall be rechecked manually or with manual equipment.
Scheme composition
The solution consists of a helium compression tank, a leak detection tank, a VOC detector, a helium mass spectrometer leak detector, an automation mechanism, and a line body.
Scheme features
1. High degree of automation
2. Single machine with a capacity of 20PPM
3. Low manual workload
4. High degree of informatization
Industry application
Zhuhai COSMX
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