VM1720-N non-methane total hydrocarbon analyzer

Product overview
The AQ7050 and AQ7060 atmospheric particulate monitors are based on β-ray technology and can be used to detect the contents of PM10 and PM2.5 in the atmosphere and to test and evaluate the concentration of particulates in ambient air quality parameters.
Performance characteristics
1. High reliability: it is provided with a heated FID detector with long life, good stability and high reliability.
2. High measurement accuracy and good stability
3. The maintenance is convenient, the gas path is short, and the catalyst is replaced regularly.
4. High intelligence and digitalization: multiple high-performance processors are built-in, high-speed data bus communication technology is adopted between the processors, and each module has a powerful digital configuration.
Industry application
Petrochemical, electronics, medicine, rubber products, spray coating, organic solvent manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and printing
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