CEMS 1000 flue gas emission monitoring system

Product overview
CEMS 1000 system is composed of a gaseous pollutant monitoring subsystem, a particulate monitoring subsystem, a flue gas parameter monitoring subsystem and a data acquisition and processing subsystem. It can continuously monitor the concentration, flow rate, pressure, humidity and other multiple relevant parameters of SO2, NOx, O2, CO, CO2, HCI and soot (particulate), statistical emission rate, total emission, etc., and can effectively manage the measured data. Moreover, it has such functions as real-time transmission of on-site data, remote fault diagnosis, report statistics and graphic data analysis, and can realize unattendance on the work site.
Performance characteristics
High reliability
The gas analyzer is equipped with the light source of pulsed xenon lamps, of which the life span is up to 10 years; It is equipped with grating spectroscopy and array sensors and has no moving parts.
With the integrated design, the dust monitor has a compact structure.
High measurement accuracy
The condensation method is adopted to measure SO2 and NOx to avoid inaccurate measurement due to the absorption of SO2 by condensed water and the corrosion of the instrument caused by the formation of sulfurous acid;
Differential absorption spectroscopy technology (DOAS) is adopted in SO2 and NOx analysis, which effectively solves the influence of water, dust and other factors on measurement accuracy;
the principle of in-situ laser backward scattering is adopted for the dust meter, so that it has high testing sensitivity, fast response speed, built-in self-calibration function, accurate measurement and good stability.
Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost
The sampling signal is collected and connected to the upper computer through the hub. The system can be wired simply and installed and maintained conveniently;
the light source, gas chamber and spectrometer in the gas analyzer are connected by optical fibers, and each component can be maintained and replaced easily with low cost.
Industry application
Waste incineration plants, cement plants, steel plants, etc.
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